Made in America Again is a community of consumers dedicated to building healthy American communities buying things made in those communities.  At MIAA we are rebuilding the middle class through the power of consumer choice.

What if Things Were Made in America Again?  Learn the answer in MIAA founder Jim Stuber's new book, ​What If Things Were Made in America Again: How Consumers Can Rebuild the Middle Class by Buying Things Made in American Communities.​  For further information and to order a copy, visit: www.themadeinamericabook.com.
It’s not always obvious that there’s a problem.
But the fact is, our economy and communities are suffering as we’ve sent millions of jobs overseas – jobs we could bring home through our own spending choices.  We are educating consumers about that.

Fortunately, many firms still make things here. 
But they can be hard to find, so we are building a one-stop marketplace for discovering, sharing, and purchasing quality American-made goods.

There’s still more we can do. 
Looking at packaging and product descriptions, it can be hard to know where something is made.  We can change that by changing our labeling laws.  

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